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Eric Peck

CEO & Co-Founder, Swoop Aero
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Ester van Steekelenburg

Co-Founder, iDiscover
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Fiona Killackey

Founder, My Daily Business Coach
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Fiona Meighan

Chief Eco-Innovation Officer, STREAT
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George Peppou

Co-Founder and CEO, Vow Foods
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Georgie Turner

Principal, Tidal Ventures
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Georgina McEncroe

Founder & CEO, Shebah Rideshare
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Gilbert Guaring

Head of Marketing and Communications, UAP (Urban Art Projects)
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Grace O'Hara

Founder, Small Fires Publishng
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Guy Kawasaki

Chief Evangelist, Canva
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Haidar Al-fallouji

Founder, charityBay
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Hannah Beder

Technology Lead, Creatable
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Hannah Yan Field

Principal, Tempus Partners
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Harriet McDougall

Associate Director, MAKE Studios
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Ineke Dane

Curator, UAP (Urban Art Projects)
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Ingrid Josephine

Event Producer, StartSpace by SLV
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Jackie Vullinghs

Principal, AirTree Ventures
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James Barrood

Advisor, Tech Council Ventures
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Janet Lewin

SVP General Manager, ILM
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Jay Wong

Staff UX Lead and Manager, Google Pay
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Jennifer Riel

Global Director, Strategy, IDEO
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JF Gauthier

Founder & CEO, Startup Genome
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Jules Brooke

Founder & Host, She's The Boss
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Julie Trell

SheEO Australia Country Lead, SheEO
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Karen Cheng

UX Design Lead, Mechanical Rock
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Karen Sorensen

Senior Manager, Marketing, ZOOX
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Kate Arthur

Founder & CEO, Kids Code Jeunesse
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Kate Cornick

CEO, LaunchVic
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Kate Glazebrook

Founder and Chair, Applied
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Katherine Boiciuc

Associate Director, Maximus International