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Professor Nick Barter

Strategy and Sustainability, Co-founder, Future Normal
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Rachael Neumann

Founder, Working Theory Angels
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Rei Inamoto

Founding Partner, Design, I&CO
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Richard Curtis

CEO, FutureBrand
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Robyn Foyster

Director & Founder, Foyster Media
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Saba Karim

Head of Pipeline, TechStars
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Safi Obeidullah

Director, Office of Chief Technology Officer, Citrix
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Sally Ann Williams

CEO, Cicada Innovations
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Sally Capp

Lord Mayor, City of Melbourne
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Sam Bompas

Founder, Bompas & Parr
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Sam Turner

Program Director, Champions of Change Coalition
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Samuel Scott

The Promotion Fix Columnist, Marketing, The Drum
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Sarah Oven

Senior Strategist, Insight, WGSN
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Scott Cohen

Co-Founder, Newlab
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Sebastian Pedavoli

Co-Founder & CEO, Proxima
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Sérgio Brodsky

Principal Consultant, SURGE Advisory
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Sergio Guerreiro

Senior Director for Knowledge Management and Innovation, Turismo de Portugal
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Taylor Williams

Service Designer, MAKE Studios
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Tessa Herd-Court

CEO, IntelligenceBank
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Tim Duggan

Co-Founder & Editor-at- Large, Junkee Media
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Tim Lindsay

Chairman, D&AD
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Tim O'Sullivan

Co-Founder, Bae Juice
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Troy Innocent

Creative Director, 64 Ways of Being
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Vanessa Gavan

Founder & Joint MD, Maximus International
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Yasmine Morrison

VC, Antler Global