Pause Awards 2020 Finalists Announced

We all know 2020 has been a tough year for most, if not, all of us. 

Yet, there are many businesses and individuals out there who refuse to give in to the unprecedented times. Instead, they focus on adapting and harnessing their innovative visions to further grow and make an impact on the industry, community, society and the ecosystem. 

Earlier this year, we issued a call for our third edition of Pause Awards - an exclusive competition that honours our future builders through their impact in business and society.

We received many compelling entries across 12 categories and after weeks of deliberation by our panel of leading global Award Judges, we are pleased and excited to announce our finalists for our Pause Awards 2020. 

HAMMER AWARD - For nailing it

This award recognises a company’s success, on their own terms, in the market. 

The Sheet Society

DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM AWARD - For the silent achiever

This award recognises a person that has been responsible for the success of their company from the back stage.


Chelsea Newell, Investment Manager of Scale Investor
Soumya Indurti, Founder & CEO of Connect Labs

OUT OF THE GARAGE AWARD - For scaling global

This award recognises a company’s global growth, expansion and success. 

The Sheet Society
Studio Ninja
Raine Scooters

BIG NOISE AWARD - For media cut through

This award recognises a company that has delivered clever marketing tactics. 


The Sheet Society

SUPER CONNECTOR AWARD - For being the community champ

This award recognises a person for significant contribution to the success of their clients or the community. 

Peace Mitchell, Co-Founder of The Women’s Business School
Branka Injac Misic, Co-Founder of GigSuper
Jenny Wynter, Founder of Funny Mummies
Michelle Mannering, Founder of MishManners
Adam Mostogl, Director & Entrepreneurship Facilitator of illuminate Education Australia
Leah Morris, Founder of Mavens
Melanie Tate, CEO & C0-Founder of Puddle Jumpers Inc
Elena Kelareva, CEO of GippsTech

B-GOOD AWARD - For a good business

This award recognises a company that has done well for the community and the world through their commercial practice. 

illuminate Education Australia
SBE Australia
Human Rights Arts & Film Festival

PRODIGY AWARD - For being exceptional

This award recognises a young person with exceptional qualities or abilities.

Joseph Robins, Account Executive, Enterprise Sales of GoCardless
Hayley Worley, Founder & CEO of The Sheet Society
Mya Ella Whatson, CEO of Treble Notes
Elliot Hayes, Co-Founder & Managing Director of Smart Energy Group

ROOWI AWARD - For new and First Peoples

This award recognises a successful company with its founders from indigenous or ethnic heritage that has gained success in the market.


Jasmin Batra, Founder & Director of Arrow Digital
Tipu Sultan, Co-Founder & CIO of Clipboard Hospitality

UNEXPECTED TWIST AWARD - For a great pivot

This award recognises a person or company that has taken an unexpected pivot in their business or career. 


Jeremy Fleming, Managing Director & Owner of Stagekings
Pip Stocks, Founder of Hearsay
Mark Calabro, Co-Founder of Hungry Hungry

BATON AWARD - For the life-long mentor

This award recognises an experienced and trusted advisor who elevated someone’s career.

Donna Walker, CTO, Allianz

I WISH I’D DONE THAT AWARD - For sheer brilliance

This award recognises a company’s simple and clever idea in a nice market. 

Single Use Ain’t Sexy
The Sneaker Laundry

FRESH BLOOD AWARD - For students with brilliant ideas

This award recognises crazy new commercial ideas that aim to solve the world’s most challenging problems. 

Katura Halleday of 8x8 To Educate
The Green Roof Group of Camberwell Girls Grammar School
Bio-Track of Camberwell Girls Grammar School 

We’d like to wish all of our finalists a hearty congratulations and a huge thank you shout out to all of our Pause Awards 2020 participants this year. You all surely are forces to be reckoned with and we hope to see more of everyone’s new work next year!

Be sure to keep it locked on to this space - we will be announcing our Pause Awards 2020 winners at our Online Awards Ceremony in the first week of February 2021.

For now, take a bow and a well deserved break over the coming holiday season. We look forward to seeing you all on the other side of 2021!