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With a line-up of over 120 global speakers ready to bring you the future of innovation, business and creativity, you really cannot afford to miss out on Pause Fest 2021. From topics that look at the future of design, tech culture, human connections, Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, global impact, entrepreneurialship, startup societies, growth hacking insights, cybersecurity and more, there's something for everyone.  


But - which ones should you be watching out for? To help you with that, we've compiled a MUST-SEE watchlist here for you - so you don't have to think. 


Featured Exclusive Sessions:

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Perspectives on Australasia from the world’s leading streaming entertainment service.

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Myleeta Aga Williams, Director, Content - SEA and Australia, Netflix. 

For years, the world has enjoyed entertainment from Hollywood, but local stories were mostly a domestic business. Today, hyper-local content, like Money Heist or Kingdom, entertain people around the world. In this session, Myleeta will outline Netflix's content strategy on local acquisitions and Originals in Australasia.

Building the Hyperloop by harnessing the crowd.

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Dirk Ahlborn, Founder, HyperloopTT

Learn how Dirk established the first hyperloop company into the world's largest crowd-powered organisation - with 800 contributors, 50 employees, and 50 world-class partners working together to bring the vision to reality.

Human-centred strategy applied.

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Jennifer Riel, Global Director - Strategy, IDEO

What's the promise when design-thinking and strategy come together? A more human and creative approach to making critical choices for our organisations, one that grapples with understanding the world as it is and building the world we want to see. In this talk, Jennifer will share lessons from IDEO's work at this intersection.

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Featured Keynotes:

Power to the People: Unlocking humanity’s creative potential.

Brett Armstrong, General Manager - Global Business Solutions, TikTok

Two things define the limits of creativity: one, the tools of the time and two, the connections we make. In this talk, Brett will uncover how technology democratises and enhances creativity by providing the world with the ultimate tool - the exposure to more human experiences.

The art and science of putting a soul in our machines.

Ben Hanna, General Manager - Australia and New Zealand, Soul Machines

In his talk, Ben will take you on a journey through the conception of and progress to date Soul Machines has made on creating the world's most human-like digital beings such as Digital Health Worker Florence who works for the WHO to bust Covid-19 myths and's digital twin.

The myth of originality.

Alain Sylvain, Founder and CEO, SYLVAIN

In this talk, Alain will argue that while most ideas are derivative, they can still move the world forward. Using examples from social psychology, business, pop culture and more, Alain will share that you don't have to be original to be creative. You might just be onto something if you're not.

Fuelling connections in times of global disconnect.

Lewis Mitchell, Partnerships Lead ANZ, Twitch

Twitch was 'the' destination for the hundreds of millions of people during the 2020 pandemic. The platform fuels impactful connections by creating environments mimicking real-life gatherings. In this session, Lewis shares Twitch's learnings in engaging with audiences at a time of global disconnect and how the world now consumes entertainment.

Is the Piggy Bank an endangered species? Financial wellness for the next generation. 

Lee Hatton, Executive Vice President, Afterpay 

Young people aren’t responsible with money is a common misconception. In reality, digital technology and a changing economy mean younger Australians have never been more engaged with their finances. Join Lee Hatton as she explains how Gen Z are managing their money differently and why emerging technology will change money management for good.


Bradley G Munkowitz, Design & Director, GMUNK Incorporated 

This talk is an examination of the hive mind belonging to a 20-year creative lifestyle veteran. This presentation isn't a portfolio deep-dive. Instead, this presentation is more a therapy session - revealing the Jedi Mind tricks used to stay fresh and inspired, task-oriented and the extreme measures taken for maximum time management.

Our Top 5 Picks

Virtual characters and the future of work

Natalie Monbiot, Head of Business, Hour One

Virtual characters are fast becoming a reality. The first few are already at work selling cars, houses, teaching languages and interviewing job candidates. In this talk, meet some of these virtual characters and find out how you can engage them for your business.

Social Media Trends: I see 2021’s truuuue colourrrsss, shining through. 

Dino Kuckovic, Director of Community & Events,

Social media has shifted in considerable ways in the past few years. Looking back, it is obvious to see the power it holds for growth moving forward. As our opportunities for physical connection were minimised or taken away, many turned to social media almost immediately, and data shows that usage is not slowing down. It's increasing. What’s next for social and digital media as we tackle 2021 one marketing trend at a time? 

The future design of public spaces - physical, virtual and beyond.

Bradon Webb, Creative Director - Emerging Technology, The Mill

Art, entertainment, beauty, and discovery through play are the aspirations of how we should be designing our future experiences. Using case studies from The Mill's roster of work, Brendon will discuss what makes emerging technology unique in its ability to connect with audiences and what makes for good experience design.

How tackling digital stalking helps victims of domestic violence.

Noushin Shabab, Senior Security Researcher, Kaspersky

In 2020, Kaspersky detected over 48,000 installations of stalkerware worldwide – a commercially available software allowing to spy on other people’s devices unnoticed. Being on the intersection between tech abuse and intimate partner violence, this issue is tackled by a multi-stakeholder approach - by the Coalition Against Stalkerware currently comprised of 26 organisations ranging from IT Sec vendors to advocacy and direct service organisations.

The future of startup ecosystems

James Barrood, Advisor, Tech Council Ventures

The pandemic has fundamentally changed how all the stakeholders in startup ecosystems will operate going forward. It will require new skill sets for entrepreneurs and new approaches for supporting organizations, higher ed and cities, states and countries. It will also unlock more funding and opportunity across the globe.



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