Pause Awards 2020 Winners Announced

Here are some businesses and individuals who challenge the everyday norms to focus on the future by harnessing their innovative visions and make a positive impact on the industry, community, society and the ecosystem.

Now in its third year and going regional including New Zealand, the Pause Awards 2020 is an exclusive competition that champions people in the startup, scaleup and big businesses that not only go the extra mile but are also entrepreneurial, driven by purpose, plugged in the community and are committed to making a difference.

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In 2020, we put up 13 Awards Categories to better recognise the diverse nature of work and effort that these extraordinary human beings have been doing. Here’s what’s new:

2020 Top 5 Winning Industries:
  1. Education

  2. Financial

  3. Consumer Goods

  4. Design/ Marketing

  5. Computer Service and Accelerator (share)

2020 Winning Gender

65% Female (up by 15% from last year)

25% Male

2019 Winning Gender

50% Female

50% Male

NEW Categories for 2020

Baton Award – For the life-long mentor

Fresh Blood Award – For students with brilliant ideas 

B-Good Award – For a good business 

Roowi Award – For new and First Peoples 

Hall of Fame Awards - For future builders

Double Whammy Winners



The Sheet Society

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B-Good Award: For a good business

illuminate Education Australia


SBE Australia

Big Noise Award: For media cut-through

The Sheet Society


Hammer Award: For nailing it




I Wish I’d Done That Award: For sheer brilliance


Single Use Ain’t Sexy


Out of the Garage Award: For scaling globally



Studio Ninja

Roowi Award: For new and First Peoples

Clipboard Hospitality

Arrow Digital



Baton Award: For the life-long mentor

Donna Walker, CTO, Allianz

Do You Know Who I Am Award: For the silent achiever

Chelsea Newell, Scale Investor

Soumya Indurti, Connect Labs

Hall of Fame Award

John O’Sullivan (inventor of WiFi)

Prodigy Award: For being exceptional

Mya Ella Whatson, Treble Notes

Elliot Hayes, Smart Energy Group Pty LTD

Hayley Worley, The Sheet Society

Super Connector Award: For being the community champ

Peace Mitchell, The Women’s Business School

Branka Injac Misic, GigSuper

Michelle Mannering, MishManners™, Raine Scooters

Melanie Tate, Puddle Jumpers Inc

Elena Kelareva, GippsTech

Unexpected Twist Award: For a great pivot

Jeremy Flemming, Stagekings



Fresh Blood Award - For students with brilliant ideas

Katura Halleday, All Saints Anglican School

Monique Thorpe - The Green Roof Group, Camberwell Girls Grammar School

Kate Ryan - Bio-Track, Camberwell Girls Grammar School

In case you missed the outrageously fun Pause Awards 2020 Show, watch it again below.


Congratulations to all our winners and a huge thank you to everyone who gave their time to entering a submission.

See you in 2021, oh that’s now. So see you later and USA here we go!